Find your local Heart Support Group


Do you want to find your nearest group?

Call our Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 or go to our online search.

You can also look at the Heart Support Group Directory below. This resource gives you more specific details on groups in England and Wales.

Heart Support Group Directory

To help you find your nearest group we have an individual directory for Wales and the regions across England.

As well as group contact details and information of when and where the group meet, you can also see what activities the group are involved in.

This way you can find the group that is most suited to meet your needs.

All Directories are available to download as PDF documents. 

Groups in Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you live in Scotland, please contact Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland on 0131 225 6963.

We currently have one affiliated Heart Support Group in Northern Ireland.

However if this location is not suitable for your needs please contact the Northern Ireland Cardiac Support Network on 0289 032 0184. 

If there isn't a Heart Support Group near you, we can help you set one up - just give us a call or email [email protected].