Heart Support Groups

Heart Support Groups

We have nearly 300 affiliated Heart Support Groups bringing hope and a healthier lifestyle to thousands of patients and carers across England and Wales.

These groups are open to anyone with any kind of heart condition as well as their partners and families.

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By patients, for patients

Heart Support Groups are as varied as the people in them.

Some are large organisations offering a weekly programme of activities, while others are much smaller and meet once a month.

They offer the chance to share experiences in a friendly and mutually supportive environment, and provide a wide range of other benefits and activities for their members.

These could include:

  • exercise sessions with qualified instructors
  • walking, cycling and swimming groups
  • coffee mornings and other social events
  • evenings with guest speakers
  • links to other services such as quitting smoking
  • hospital visiting
  • yoga and relaxation classes, and
  • visits to places of interest.

We've all got the same problems - that's what brought us together - but we all have an incredibly positive outlook. That's what keeps people coming back.

Top 10 reasons to join a Heart Support Group

Ever wondered what it's like to be part of a Heart Support Group? Hear from current Heart Support Group members about their ten top reasons as to why they decided to join a group, the best thing about being part of a group, and what you can expect if you join your local Heart Support Group.