Egg and tomato wraps

Egg and tomato wraps

Category: Breakfast, Starter/snack, Main meal | Serves: 2

Prep time: 5 minutes (assuming eggs are already cooked) |


2 wholemeal or multi-seed tortillas (deli) wraps (each about 25cm/10in in diameter)

4 tbsp low-fat soft cheese (5% fat)

1-2 tbsp snipped fresh chives or parsley (optional)

2 large eggs, hard-boiled, drained and cooled

25g (1oz) rocket leaves

2 tomatoes, sliced

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

  1. Spread one side of each tortilla wrap with soft cheese; sprinkle with snipped chives or parsley (if using).
  2. Remove and discard shells from eggs, then slice. Arrange egg slices and rocket leaves across middle of each wrap.
  3. Top with tomato slices and season with black pepper.
  4. Wrap/fold or loosely roll up tortilla wraps to enclose filling; cut each into 3 or 4 portions. Serve immediately.

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Egg and Tomato Wrap