Chilled toffee-apple cream

Step-by-step: Chilled toffee-apple creams

Category: Dessert, Breakfast | Serves: 2

Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 30 minutes


150g (5oz) peeled and diced butternut squash (200g (7oz) unpeeled weight)

115g ( 4oz) sweet eating apples, such as Golden Delicious or Cox’s, peeled and diced

15g (½oz) squash or pumpkin seeds

 ¼ tsp caster sugar

115g (4oz) 0% fat natural

Greek-style yoghurt or skyr (a creamy, fat-free Icelandic-style yogurt)

120g pot light Greek-style 0% fat toffee yoghurt

Juice of 1 orange, about 2 tbsp

Pinch ground cinnamon

1. Heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas mark 6. Line a roasting tin with foil and rub over with a little oil. Scatter the squash and apple over the tin and roast for 30 minutes until very soft and beginning to caramelise. Stir halfway through and add a splash of water if the mixture is beginning to stick.

chopped apple and squash together


2. Fry the seeds in a lightly oiled pan with the sugar until golden. Leave to cool. Spoon the squash and apple mixture into a food processor or blender with orange juice and cinnamon and blitz until smooth.

apple and squash mixture being pureed


3. Mix together the two types of yoghurt.

apple and cream mixture being layered


4. Layer the squash purée with the yoghurts in tall glasses. Finish off with a spoonful of yoghurt and a few toasted seeds.

Chilled toffee-apple cream in glass

  • Cook’s tip
    “Use extra natural yogurt or skyr instead of toffee yogurt for a luxurious breakfast –make the night before and chill in the fridge.”

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