Healthy eating on a budget

When budgets are tight, eating well can seem like less of a priority.

The good news is that even if you're watching what you spend, some simple swaps and smart shopping can mean a heart-healthy diet is still within reach.

A heart-healthy diet means getting a good balance of all the food groups, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and watching the salt and fat.

Here are some top tips for finding foods that are healthy, tasty and best of all, won’t break the bank!

Reach for the freezer

Keeping a supply of frozen fruit and vegetables in the freezer is a great way to get your 5-a-day. They tend to be cheaper than fresh, and because you use what you need, nothing is wasted.

Watch Anthony and Dan use frozen veg to make a healthy microwave meal in minutes

Two women at a hob stirring pans of food.Bulk up and veg out

Adding fresh or frozen vegetables to your meat based meals not only helps you get lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals - but your food will go further, saving you money too.

Watch Julie make 10 homemade ready meals in one go by bulking up her meals

Plan for a change

Shopping every day means can mean fresh foods are wasted or you're not getting the best value for money. Planning your shop in advance and making the most of leftovers can make your healthy food go further.

Watch Sarah and Dennis plan a week of healthy meals for £21 each

A dish of green vegetables and rice on a tableBe adaptable

There are often way to make your favourite foods healthier for little or no cost. Adding some frozen veggies, leaving out the salt and thinking about the fat you're using can make a big difference.

Watch Faiqa adapt a favourite low-cost recipe to keep her family's hearts healthy

Get more tips from Heart Matters

What does healthy eating on a budget look like?

Take a look at Heart Matters magazine who are exploring the challenges of healthy eating on a budget, and includes more top tips, and advice for healthy eating from BHF dietitian Victoria Taylor.

It also features our sample meal plan, which gives ideas and recipes for a week of healthy meals and snacks for £50 for two people.

Day 1 - Example

Cottage pieBreakfast: Muesli with skimmed milk and a banana; glass of pure, unsweetened orange juice

Lunch: Cheese and salad sandwich made with reduced-fat cheddar-style cheese, salad, wholegrain bread and unsaturated fat spread.

Evening meal: Home-made cottage pie served with peas and carrots

Snacks: 3 oatcakes with low-fat cream cheese; 2 plums

Get the meal plan now

 Or visit our free healthy recipe finder

Watch the films online

You can now watch our Eat well, shop smart, save money films online.

The films include information about batch and microwave cooking, healthy family meals and menu planning.

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Healthy family meals
Microwave meals in minutes Easy freezer meals for one Planning for a change