Transitioning to adult care

When you move from child to adult care it’s known as ‘transition’. Everyone's journey is different and there are lots of people and resources available to support you through the process.

What is transition? 

Transition means your journey from your paediatric services to your adult clinic or hospital. It's all about helping you develop the skills, confidence and independence to manage your care as an adult.

Every young heart patient will go through the process of transition and everyone's journey is different. There is no right or wrong way to make your journey from child to adult care. It’s all about what works for you.

We worked with 6 young heart patients to produce Transition: Your Journey. This film guides you through the transition process and helps you think through any questions you might have.

Image of BHF transition boxPicture Your Journey

If you're making the journey from child to adult care, this resource pack will help you to keep your medical contacts, appointments and healthcare information together in one place. The box contains three booklets with information about transitioning:

  • My Transition
  • My Life 
  • My Inspiration

Best of all, the box and each booklet is customisable, so you can put your own photo across the front to make them look however you like.