Take charge of your health

Getting a healt check

These steps will help you understand and manage any health problems:

Get a risk assessment

If you’re over 40, you’re entitled to an NHS health check to assess your risk of heart disease and stroke. It involves simple tests and questions about your health history and lifestyle and you’re given a percentage risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

If you’re at high risk, you’ll be eligible for statins and you’ll receive support on managing your lifestyle and treating other risk factors.

Learn about your condition

Go to reliable sources to learn how to manage your heart condition. For example, you can call the Heart Matters Helpline on 0300 330 3300 or check out some of the information elsewhere on this website.

Understand your medication

BHF research says that one person in three who’s been prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication doesn’t take it correctly. This is bad news, as high cholesterol can triple your risk of a heart attack. Ask your pharmacist about medicine review services that will give you a chance to discuss your medication.

Address stress healthily

If you already suffer from coronary heart disease, stress and anxiety can bring on angina symptoms. Rather than quick-fix ‘relievers’ such as alcohol, try healthier alternatives like exercise or relaxation. Why not give yoga or Pilates a go?


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