6 ways to empower yourself

Follow our six top tips to help you feel empowered after a heart event, or if you've recently been diagnosed.

1. Self care

Relaxing in the bath

Putting your own needs first is a good step towards empowerment.

Take time to think about how you feel, physically and mentally. Do you need to be alone or do you need company? Are you hungry, do you need a rest or do you feel like getting active

Take steps to fulfil those needs, such as preparing a healthy snack, treating yourself to a night in, or going for a walk.

2. Go online

Browsing the internet on a laptop

You can find lots of useful information about heart conditions, medications and procedures online. Knowing more about your condition could help you feel more confident during your next medical appointment. Make sure you visit trusted websites, such as the BHF Heart Health pages or NHS Choices.

You can also call the Heart Matters Helpline on 0300 330 3311.

3. Get support from other patients

Support group

Access peer-to-peer support, talks from medical professionals, exercise classes, relaxation sessions and more at your local Heart Support Group. Or speak to other heart patients in our online community.

4. Virtual appointments

Virtual GP consultation on a smartphone

Some GP practices in the UK now offer online video consultations. This can be beneficial for people who struggle to leave the house for physical or psychological reasons, and may reduce the time you have to wait for a consultation.

Ask your surgery if they offer this service.

5. Relax with an app

Pair of headphones

Headspace, Calm, Omvana and other apps offer free introductions to mindfulness and meditation, followed by a fee or subscription if you want to continue using them. This could be just what you need if you're feeling overwhelmed by health issues.

6. Get active for free

Cycling in the park in autumn

We've compiled lists of free apps to get you started with all sorts of physical activities:

Taking control of your fitness can be a great way to boost your confidence. We've picked out 7 free fitness apps for you to try.

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