Top 10 vegetarian recipes

We can all benefit from more plant protein in our diet - so whether you’re a vegetarian or just looking to cut back on meat, here are our top ten tasty meat-free meals. 

1. Chunky vegetable chilli

Try this vegetable chilli which is packed with flavour – or if you're a meat-eater and love your favourite chilli recipe, why not halve the amount of meat and replace it with extra kidney beans? Or just replace the meat entirely with beans.

Serve your chilli with brown rice for an extra fibre boost.

Vegetarian chilli with rice

2. Roast vegetable and chickpea tagine

Swap lamb for chickpeas in this tasty Moroccan tagine. If you’re replacing half the lamb, try serving it with quinoa for a protein top up.

Roast vegetable and chickpea tagine

3. Stir-fried tofu

Use tofu instead of chicken or turkey in this quick and easy stir fry.

Stir-fried tofu with pak choi

4. Eggs Florentine

For an indulgent breakfast, swap a bacon sarnie for this healthy version of eggs Florentine.

Eggs florentine on mufffin

5. Red onion, courgette and pepper pizza

Forget a meat feast, go veggie supreme with this filling pizza. Using reduced-fat cheese makes this a lower-fat pizza without losing out on protein and calcium. 

Red onion, courgette and pepper pizza

6. Veggie burger

Our giant garlic mushroom burgers make a delicious change to meat burgers and will be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Giant garlic mushroom burgers

7. Egg and tomato wrap

This is a healthy alternative to a ham sandwich, and the perfect protein-carbohydrate combination for a balanced breakfast or lunch on-the-go.

Egg and tomato wraps

8. Macaroni cheese

Everyone loves mac’n’cheese, so convert meat-lovers with our healthier version of this classic comfort food. 

Macaroni cheese

9. Roasted tomato and lentil soup

This rich and delicious soup is packed full of flavour, and the Puy lentils make it substantial enough for a main meal. It freezes well too, so you can make multiple portions and save some for another day.

Roasted tomato and lentil soup

10. Aubergine, spinach and chickpea curry

An aromatic, mild vegetarian dish packed with fresh ingredients that makes a wholesome alternative to a meaty curry. For a variation, try replacing the aubergine with butternut squash or courgette.

Aubergine, spinach and chickpea curry

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