Heart conditions in babies

Doctor examining child toddler with stethoscope - Heart conditions in babies

If your baby or a baby in your care has a congenital heart condition you might find our booklets on understanding your child's heart helpful.

Different types of congenital heart disease

If your baby has just been diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, you're probably feeling quite upset, and have lots of questions running through your mind.

Our Understanding your child’s heart booklets provide detailed information on different heart conditions in a way that’s easy to understand. They explain what the condition means, the symptoms and treatments. They can be downloaded or ordered for free:

These booklet shouldn’t replace the advice your doctors or nurses may give you. But it should help make what they tell you that little bit clearer.

Find out more about what a congenital heart disease diagnosis means for your baby.

Further Support groups

These support groups may be able to offer you further information, advice and support: