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Time for a DECHOX?

 Chocolate bars

Challenge yourself to give up chocolate this March. 

We are challenging the nation to give up chocolate for March and get sponsored to help raise money towards the fight for every heartbeat.

Whether you’re an undercover chocolate eater, a crafty nibbler or a full-on midnight fridge raider, deep down you know it’s time to dump the chunk and give chocolate the finger!

Any sort of cocoa is a no-no, which means chocolate sweets, treats, biscuits, ice cream, cake – and even the chocolate sprinkles on your cappuccino – are off limits during March. 

Last year, 19,800 dedicated Dechoxers took part, raising just over £860,000 and 2017 promises to be even bigger and better!

So if you’ve ever found yourself sneaking a cheeky chocolate bar after the gym or digging into your desk drawer for an afternoon cupcake, then now’s the time to test your willpower, have fun and feel good in the process. 

You will be able to sign up to take part in the next DECHOX in early 2018. 

Want to take on the Ultimate DECHOX?

If giving up chocolate doesn’t seem like enough of a challenge, try out an Ultimate DECHOX! Not only is chocolate off limits during March, but all sweet treats are a no no – eeek! That’s no cake, dessert, biscuits or even gummy sweets … This extreme test of your willpower is sure to raise even more money for a great cause. 

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