Gavin Murphy

Professor Gavin Murphy Gavin Murphy is the BHF Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Leicester.

BHF Professor Gavin Murphy combines heart research with skilled cardiac surgery in his mission to discover how to reduce the threat of organ failure in patients after a heart operation.

There have been great advances in surgical techniques since the BHF was founded in 1961. More and more patients are benefiting from heart surgery as a result. But the job is not done and Professor Murphy’s research is focused on gaining the very best outcomes for people who undergo major heart surgery.

Preventing failure

Coronary heart disease (CHD) affects an estimated 2.3 million people around the UK. Some of those people require surgery to save their lives or to relieve their symptoms and it is vital that these operations have the best possible outcomes.

People who undergo heart surgery currently have a risk of suffering organ failure of up to 30 per cent. This is caused by the inevitable trauma and stress the body undergoes during these operations, which can lead to organ damage. Professor Murphy’s research is focused on finding new treatments that could be used to try to prevent this organ failure.

The most affected organs are the heart, kidney and lungs. Organ failure after heart surgery is a serious problem because it can mean long stays in hospital, increasing the risk of other complications and it dramatically increases a patient’s risk of dying.

Support from the BHF

Thanks to your donations, the BHF is supporting Professor Murphy so he can do the highest quality work, allowing him to be more ambitious in his research projects. Through his research, Professor Murphy hopes to change the way people are treated for the better by improving the lives of people who have to undergo heart surgery.

Professor Murphy’s research fits well into the University of Leicester’s clear strategy to translate research discoveries in the lab to the clinic as quickly as possible. He will lead clinical trials that could mean beneficial research findings become clinical practice that benefits heart patients in the near future.

Further information

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