Regenerating blood vessels

A partnership between the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol, and King’s College London.

The major focus of this £2.5m BHF Centre of Regenerative Medicine is in bringing us closer to a therapy to repair blood vessels damaged by a heart attack.

A heart attack devastates the supporting network of vessels that nourish beating heart cells with blood. Without a way to regenerate lost blood vessels, there will be no effective new therapy to mend the heart.

The Centre is led by BHF Professor David Newby, working closely with the UK’s leading scientists in blood vessel regeneration:  BHF Professor Andrew Baker, BHF Professor Qingbo Xu and Bristol Professors Costanza Emanueli and Paolo Madeddu – working in collaboration with the Bristol academic cardiac surgery unit, directed by BHF Professor Gianni Angelini.

The scientists are exploring different avenues to reach their goal of a new treatment, from fundamental stem cell science to early-stage trials of new treatments in patients. The team is taking advantage of Edinburgh’s leading position in imaging techniques to monitor the effectiveness of potential new treatments on the heart.

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