David Newby

Professor David Newby David Newby is the BHF John Wheatley Professor of Cardiology at the BHF Centre of Research Excellence, University of Edinburgh.

BHF Professor David Newby's research at the University of Edinburgh focuses on how blood vessels and the heart react in health and disease, particularly in heart attacks and heart failure. Professor Newby works closely with Professor Andrew Baker at the Scottish Centre of Regenerative Medicine, which is funded by our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

Heart Attacks

Every six minutes someone dies of a heart attack in the UK. Heart attacks are caused by disease in the coronary arteries triggering the formation of a blood clot, which blocks blood supply to the heart muscle.

With our support, Professor Newby's team has investigated how the body can dissolve blood clots and what factors determine the triggers of, and recovery from, heart attacks.

He is particularly interested in how smoking and air pollution from traffic can trigger heart attacks. This work is helping to identify the factors causing heart disease and the approaches to limit their harmful effects. You can find out more about Professor Newby's research into air pollution in his interview with Heart Matters. 

Heart Failure

When the heart is damaged, it fails to pump blood around the body effectively. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are living with heart failure. Many have a poor quality of life, and the condition has a worse prognosis than that of many cancers.

We've funded Professor Newby's team to explore a range of approaches to understand the consequences of heart failure on the body and help discover new approaches to its treatment. This has included studying new hormone systems and treatments as well as devices that help breathing problems caused by heart failure.

Future focus

Professor Newby intends to investigate new, better, ways of assessing blood vessels and the heart with the latest state-of-the-art scanners. This will make it easier to identify and monitor people with heart disease.

At the Centre of Regenerative Medicine in Scotland, the team want to use stem cells created from patients' own skin cells, known as 'IPS' cells, to develop stem cell-based treatments to repair heart muscle damaged by heart attack.

The University of Edinburgh is also a BHF Centre of Research Excellence.