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10 September 2019

BHF-funded researcher Pablo Lamata partners with artists in creation of the Kalostasis installation for the London Design Festival at the V&A Museum.

New AI technology for advanced heart attack prediction

4 September 2019

BHF researchers develop a heart ‘fingerprint’ to tailor personalised treatment for people at high risk of deadly heart attack.

A life of low cholesterol and BP slashes heart and circulatory disease risk

2 September 2019

Countless heart attacks and strokes could be prevented with sustained drop in cholesterol and blood pressure.

Heart plaster helps repair heart after surgery

2 September 2019

BHF researchers have developed a bioactive stem cell delivery plaster which would be used during heart surgery, to help repair damaged hearts.

Heart attack blood test allows healthy patients to go home earlier

1 September 2019

An early rule-out pathway for heart attack reduces length of stay and hospital admissions according to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in Paris.

Scientists identify potential cause of statin-related muscle pain

27 August 2019

An international team of BHF-funded researchers may have discovered why a small number of people experience muscle pain after taking statins.

No difference in key heart attack symptoms between men and women

21 August 2019

Women who have heart attacks experience the same key symptoms as men, quashing one of the reasons given for women receiving unequal care.

Birmingham research could improve care of patients with artificial heart pump

15 August 2019

We have awarded £240,000 to the University of Birmingham for a new project that could improve the lives of those living with an LVAD.

First tool for predicting sudden cardiac death in children with HCM

14 August 2019

Scientists funded by the BHF have developed the first ever tool to identify children at risk of sudden death from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Art and science collide in BHF national science image competition

13 August 2019

Today we announce the winners of our annual ‘Reflections of Research’ image competition. By uniting science and art, our scientists showcase cutting-edge research into heart and circulatory diseases.