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Red wine molecule offers new high blood pressure hope

23 May 2019

A new treatment for high blood pressure could be on the horizon after BHF-funded scientists today revealed how a molecule found in red wine causes drops in blood pressure.

Scan spots signs of future cardiac arrest in young people

20 May 2019

BHF-funded researchers have developed a new way of analysing information from MRI heart scans which could help doctors spot people at risk of dying from a sudden cardiac arrest in the inherited heart condition Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young people.

Heart and circulatory disease deaths in under 75's see first sustained rise in 50 years

13 May 2019

The number of people dying from heart and circulatory diseases before they reach their 75th birthday is on the rise for the first time in 50 years, according to our analysis of the latest national health statistics.

BHF welcomes calls to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2030

3 May 2019

BHF welcomes news that The Committee on Climate Change is urging the Government to accelerate a ban on diesel and petrol cars.

Self-charging pacemaker breakthrough

24 April 2019

An innovative device has moved scientists one step closer to a pacemaker without batteries, according to a study trialled in pigs and published in Nature Communications.

Only half of people taking statins reduce their cholesterol effectively

16 April 2019

New research from Nottingham University shows that around half of people taking statins do not see their cholesterol drop to the recommended levels within two years.

Leeds researchers awarded new grant to study the structure of deadly blood clots

16 April 2019

Scientists in Leeds, funded by the British Heart Foundation, are to study the structure of blood clots, to help prevent heart attacks and improve treatment.

New hospital funding in Birmingham to detect deadly heart condition

1 April 2019

More people in the West Midlands will be screened for a deadly inherited heart condition called HCM thanks to new funding from the Miles Frost Fund and the BHF.

New Sheffield research could help to develop preventative treatments for heart disease

25 March 2019

Researchers at the University of Sheffield are studying if ‘turning off’ a protein helps to prevent heart attacks & strokes with funding from the British Heart Foundation

Algae could prevent limb amputation

20 March 2019

A new algae-based treatment could reduce the need for amputation in people with critical limb ischaemia, according to new research funded by the British Heart Foundation.