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Children become less active each year of primary school

12 November 2019

A new study we funded shows that by age 11, children are doing more than an hour less of physical activity a week than at age 6.

Pacemaker study to help heart patients avoid hospital

11 November 2019

New research that we're funding at The University of Manchester has the potential to help patients stay out of hospital. By monitoring data collected by pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), researchers hope to use patients' activity levels to predict when they might be becoming ill, and intervene before a hospital stay becomes necessary.

New blood test tweak could better detect heart failure

3 November 2019

The BHF has partnered with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals to refine the use of a common blood test to detect heart failure in more patients as early as possible.

BHF Accelerator Award to boost research at University of Birmingham

29 October 2019

The University of Birmingham is one of only six institutions in the UK to receive the £1 million funding, which will strengthen its ground-breaking research into heart and circulatory diseases.

New research to stop blood vessels ageing

25 October 2019

Scientists from the UK and Israel, part-funded by us, will join forces to carry out cutting-edge research to slow or stop blood vessels from ageing

University of Manchester receives BHF Research Accelerator Award

24 October 2019

We have given a £1 million award to boost research into heart and circulatory conditions, including congenital heart disease.

Women get half the number of heart attack treatments as men

14 October 2019

Women receive poorer heart attack treatment than men, even when rates of diagnosis are the same, according to new research funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Manchester research into high blood pressure medications during pregnancy

14 October 2019

Research that we fund at Manchester University will assess the safety of a range of high blood pressure medication to determine which is the safest to use during pregnancy.

New trial from Leicester to identify best treatment for aortic stenosis

14 October 2019

A new £2.7m clinical trial led from the University of Leicester aims to identify the best time to operate on people living with the debilitating heart condition aortic stenosis.

BHF awards £1m to accelerate heart research at UCL

11 October 2019

We are boosting the profile of cardiovascular research at University College London in the hope of giving more people with heart and circulatory diseases longer and better lives.