The BHF and Plan S open access

19 March 2019        

Category: Research

The British Heart Foundation requires that publications arising from the research that it funds are made freely available to the broader scientific community and to the public, to maximise the reach and benefit of that research towards tackling heart and circulatory diseases.

 A researcher's notebook open on notes and diagrams

We do not believe that the scientific progress we enable should be locked behind a paywall, which is why we have long paid for Gold Open Access fees, most recently through the Charity Open Access Fund.

In keeping with our Open Access policy, we are strongly supportive of the principal aim of Plan S to make all peer-reviewed publications arising from publicly-funded research immediately and freely available to the reader. We therefore believe that it is important for us to actively engage with cOAlition S in developing an appropriate roadmap for implementation that minimises any negative impact on the career development of cardiovascular researchers, their research collaborations and the work of their professional societies during the journey towards that aim.

In the coming months, we will look to engage directly with our researchers to gather their input and to represent them in further discussion with cOAlition S. We believe that this is an important time in science to re-emphasise our commitment to the principles of open access publishing and to join the international dialogue on how best to achieve its full and universal adoption. 

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