World Emoji Day: Accurate heart and lung emoji on the way

17 July 2019        

Category: Survival and support

Good news for emoji fans: accurate heart and lung emoji could be on your mobile by next year.

Accurate heart and lung emoji are on their way

There is currently a treasure trove of emoji to choose from, including for body parts such as the legs, nose and tongue.

However, there is no emoji for the lungs. And while there are plenty of love hearts, there's nothing that looks like a real human heart.

That could be set to change in 2020, it can be revealed this World Emoji Day (17 July). Accurate lung and heart emoji are on a draft list of new emojis to be added to the official set by Unicode Consortium, a non-profit which publishes Unicode, the universal computing language.

Athar Abidi, Head of Social for the BHF, said: “There may be a love heart emoji available in every colour of the rainbow but there’s nothing that currently shows what our heart really looks like.

“Now feels like the right moment for our ever-expanding palette of emojis to include a more realistic heart.

“At the BHF we want to beat heartbreak forever, and sometimes a good old-fashioned love heart emoji might not hit quite the right note – this new emoji could be a valuable addition to online conversations on issues such as organ donation.”

At the heart of things

You may just think of emoji as a fun messaging tool. However, they could be used to start some serious conversations about our health.

Heart, circulatory, and respiratory diseases have a huge human impact. More than a quarter of all UK deaths are caused by heart and circulatory diseases – that’s one every three minutes in the UK. Meanwhile, there are currently more than 650 people waiting for a heart, lung or heart and lung transplant in the UK, including around 40 children.

Alison Cook, Chair of the Taskforce for Lung Health, said: “Millions use emoji everyday but at present the lungs, the organ responsible for every breath we take, isn’t an option."

She added: "We hope by finally giving the lungs the love they deserve it’ll help shine a light on just how important lung health is and finally start making a dent in the UK’s distressing death rates."

Andi Ttofa, Head of Organ Donation Campaigns at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We support the call for heart and lung emoji, we need to get people talking about these organs and the fact more people need to donate them to save lives.

“Social media, including emoji, can be really powerful in inspiring people to talk about organ donation. With the law around organ donation changing in England and Scotland next year, we need everyone to decide whether they want to be an organ donor and tell their family their decision."

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