A healthy balanced diet can include meat and dairy says study

29 August 2018        

Category: Research

A mixture of different types of good on a wooden table

New research analysing the effect on health of a range of diets around the world suggests that a healthy diet should contain plenty of fruits and vegetables, fish and legumes as well as moderate amounts of unprocessed meats, and dairy. 
The researchers, whose work was presented their work the European Society of Cardiology congress in Munich and published in the Lancet, say that their findings challenge conventional thinking around what constitutes a healthy diet by recommending dairy and unprocessed red meat. 
Our associate medical director, Professor Jeremy Pearson commented on the research:
“This study doesn’t change our current dietary advice.” 
“Eating well means looking at your diet as a whole, rather than focusing too much on individual elements. Meat and dairy can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet as long as they’re eaten in moderation alongwith plenty of fruits and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains and nuts." 

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