New statistics reveal effect of modern day lifestyles on family life

12 May 2017        

Category: Fundraising

The average family in Britain last spent quality time together with their loved ones just under two months ago, according to new statistics released today for our Wear it. Beat it. fundraiser. 

Our latest survey has the revealed how the stresses of modern day living is putting a considerable strain on family life, with one in ten Brits (10%) saying the last time they spent quality time with their family was over a year ago, or not at all. Wear it. Beat it. is a great way to bring everyone together and help make a difference to millions. 

Nearly three in ten (28%) of those surveyed said they leave the house at least once a week without seeing their children, rising to just under two in four (37%) dads.  More than a quarter (27%) of parents said they’re so busy that in an average day they often don’t spend any time whatsoever with their children, and many (22%) had missed an important occasion because of it.

Just under three in five parents (57%) worry that their children spend far less time with their family than they did when they were young. While it might be work getting in the way for busy parents, over two in five (42%) worried that social media is distracting their children away from quality family time when they are home. Almost one in eight (12%) said it’s because everyone’s busy schedules just didn’t match up. 

Almost half (48%) of those polled said they feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their loved ones.

Get together with loved ones and Wear it. Beat it. 

Our Head of Community Fundraising, Donna Spriggs Elliot, said: “It’s clear that our busy modern day lifestyles, and the stresses of the daily grind, are keeping us from spending time with our families.  

“Heart disease devastates the lives of millions of people across the UK, often without warning, so finding a way to break away from our normal routines to spend time together is important and our Wear it. Beat it. day is the perfect opportunity.

“By taking part in Wear it. Beat it. and raising money for our research, you can help us beat heart disease for good.”

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By donning your favourite red garments and organising a red fundraising event, you can help us win the fight against heart disease. Last year more than 15,000 people took part in Wear it. Beat it. raising over £750,000. We're calling on even more people to get involved this year and help raise in excess of £1million for our life saving research

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