Bag It Beat It: More than half of women despise their partner’s dress sense

9 September 2016        

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To launch our annual stock donation campaign Bag It. Beat It., which encourages the public to turn their pre-loved items into life saving heart research, we asked the UK about their wardrobe habits and found that more than half of women hate their partner's dress sense and are prepared to lie, cheat or even vandalise in a bid to banish their undesirable clothes.

The research found two thirds of women want to take drastic action and in an ideal world 17 per cent would even buy their partner an entirely new wardrobe. Nearly half have already sneakily got rid of clothes they didn't like, with 17 per cent hiding them, 17 per cent throwing an item out, and 8 per cent admitting they deliberately washed something on such a high temperature it shrank.

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It’s surprising to see that so many women are unhappy with their partner’s dress sense, but what’s even more interesting is the lengths that people will go to get rid of the offending items.

If you or your partner are in need of a wardrobe refresh why not visit your local BHF shop? An ill-fitting dress on one person can be a show stopper on another, so why not clear out the clutter and treat yourself to a new look while you’re at it?

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