Sporting stars attend Charity Trading Day

15 September 2015        

BGC Friday saw footballing legend Graham Souness and former England rugby player Lee Mears attend global trading firm BGC’s annual Charity Day on our behalf.

The pair took to the phones to help raise funds for our fight against heart disease and to support the millions of people living with cardiovascular disease across the UK.

Helping people like Adele

One of the projects which will receive support from the day’s fundraising is our Heart Helpline which is a lifeline to so many living with heart disease and their families. Our team of Cardiac Nurses and Information Support Officers are available to answer any questions heart patients or their loved ones may have.

Speaking about how the Heart Helpline helped her, Adele Johnston comments: “It was a huge shock at 26 to be told I had a heart condition, but just knowing there was a professional person at the end of the line made all the difference.

“In the beginning I was just a mess. I called the helpline loads of times – it was just great having someone saying I’ll send you out a book about living with a heart condition. I was getting to the point when I was thinking should I run up these stairs? And I was only in my twenties.

“I just cried down the phone. I felt really alone and that nobody understood what I was going through. It was so comforting just to have someone to listen, who knew exactly how I felt, it was reassuring to know I was not alone and I was not broken.”