Nicest man in Britain spends a week with the BHF

30 March 2015        

All this week Luke Cameron, who was named the Nicest Man in Britain last year after completing 365 good deeds, will be volunteering with us.

Following on from his philanthropic good deed a day challenge last year, Luke Cameron will now be doing the nicest job in Britain by spending each week volunteering with a different charity. 

In his 11th week, Luke will be volunteering in a number of our shops to understand how important our volunteers are to us as a charity. Luke will be visiting one of our music and book shops, a standard shop and a furniture and electrical store as well as spending a day with one of our volunteer drivers.

During his week with us Luke will get to learn about all the different roles available for anyone looking to volunteer with us and will be keeping a diary of his experience.

Close to the heart

Luke said: "I was really keen to volunteer with the BHF as I have quite an emotional tie to the charity. I was born with a hole in my heart; a condition which can be picked up before or at birth, but in my case was missed.

"I lived the majority of my young life quite unwell but I didn't know how unwell I was. I used to get out of breath in just three or four minutes. My parents put it down to really bad asthma."

“When I was eight-years old and showed no signs of improvement I was sent for a scan and it discovered the right side of his heart was four times the size of the left, I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

“It was thanks to the BHF’s investment in research that the procedure I required was available. If it wasn't for the BHF I wouldn't be here."

Volunteer with us

We couldn't fund our lifesaving research without our dedicated volunteers. This April we are asking the nation to join the fight against heart disease and give some of their spare time and volunteer in one of our shops.

Volunteer with us