Sitting vs standing

1 August 2015        

two people walking

A new study published in the European Heart Journal has found that spending more time standing and walking in place of sitting could have numerous health benefits, including lowering your cholesterol and body mass index.

Our senior Cardiac Nurse, Julie Ward, said: “We know that people who spend long periods of time sitting down have been found to have higher rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

“Current Department of Health guidelines state we should reduce the time we spend sitting and this study adds to the increasing amount of evidence to support this.

“We are not saying you mustn’t sit down, but when you are break up sitting down for long periods of time. A common sense rule of thumb is to get up for five minutes every half an hour.

“You can also reduce your sitting time at work by holding walking meetings, getting outside at lunchtime and simply taking five minutes to stand up and stretch”.

Health at work

Staying active can help reduce your risk of heart disease. It can also help you control your weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mental health.

Our Health at Work scheme aims to inspire and support health and wellbeing in the workplace. You can sign up and receive loads of handy tips and guidance on getting your work force healthy. Thousands of employers have already signed up. 

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