Nation of Lifesavers

15 October 2014        

Someone learning how to do CPR on a manikin

Too many lives are lost needlessly because people don’t have the basic CPR skills.

Simon Gillespie
Chief Executive

In the UK, thousands of people die every year following a cardiac arrest in their home. We want to cut that number by creating a 'Nation of Lifesavers' which could save up to 5,000 lives a year.

These new figures challenge the perception that most cardiac arrests, where the heart stops pumping, happen in public places. In fact, 80 percent of the 30,000 annual out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home – often in front of families and loved ones.

Creating a Nation of Lifesavers

Less than one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest. This is partly because people do not have the skills or confidence to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In some cases, performing CPR will double a person’s chance of survival.

Watch our video and join our Nation of Lifesavers

To improve these shocking survival rates, with the support of the Resuscitation Council (RCUK), we are urging people to become a part of a Nation of Lifesavers in which all young people and adults learn lifesaving CPR skills.

If enough people join in, we could save around 100 lives a week based on survival rates in countries like Norway where children are taught CPR as part of the school curriculum. Our new strategy includes the rollout of a new, quick-and-simple CPR training programme, a continued call to ensure all young people learn CPR at school and a commitment to running mass awareness CPR campaigns.

Call Push Rescue

Our training programme enables schools, workplaces and community groups to become completely self-sufficient in teaching the three simple steps that could save a life: Call. Push. Rescue.

To mark the campaign launch, working with Yorkshire Ambulance Service, we are training nearly 12,000 children today. We hope this will inspire all secondary schools to register for a free CPR training kit.

Our Chief Executive, Simon Gillespie, said:

“Today’s figures are a stark reminder that you’re most likely to witness a loved one suffer a cardiac arrest so it’s imperative that people learn CPR should they be faced with the worst in their own home. Too many lives are lost needlessly because people don’t have the basic CPR skills to act in life-threatening situations.

“Today we’re running the world’s biggest CPR training session across Yorkshire that we hope will spark a movement that everyone in the country wants to be part of.

“The ‘Call. Push. Rescue’ message is simple to remember and by spreading this far and wide we’re determined to radically improve the country’s shocking survival rates. We need every school, workplace, community group and individual to join the Nation of Lifesavers and help make the UK a safer place to live.”

CPR on your daily bread

We have also started a groundbreaking partnership with Warburtons, which will use the packaging of its wholemeal bread, to encourage the 6.8 million households who buy it every year to learn CPR from October 16.