UK hoards over 2 billion unwanted items worth £32.7 billion

7 March 2014        

Spring clear out

Eight in ten Brits (81%) are self-confessed hoarders, stashing away on average 32 unwanted household items worth a whopping £514. That’s according to new research we’ve released to mark the launch of our Spring Clear Out campaign which urges the nation to donate using our free collection service.

Almost a quarter (23%) of people admitted they have a bedroom in their house dedicated to excess clutter, with 70% of the contents last used over ten years ago. The top ten most commonly hoarded items were:

  1. Now CDs (30%)
  2. Bread Maker (25%)
  3. Rubix Cube (21%) 
  4. Lava Lamp (19%)
  5. Walkman (17%)
  6. Gameboy (17%)
  7. Beanie Babies (12%)
  8. Soda Stream (9%)
  9. Furbie (8%)
  10. Roller Blades (8%)

When asked why, the most common reason for not wanting to let go was, ‘hating the thought of items going to waste’ (40%). However, the negative effects of hoarding were evident, with 15% experiencing high stress levels and just over one in ten (12%) avoided having friends over to dodge embarrassment.

Free collection

Mike Taylor, Retail Director for the BHF, said: “It’s astonishing how much we collectively hoard as a nation, clinging onto clothes which don’t fit and items from eras gone by.

“BHF shops provide the perfect solution for anyone having a spring clear out – we offer a free collection service that will pick up everything from unwanted clothes, shoes and CDs to sofas and TVs. Every penny of profit raised from your unwanted items will help the BHF continue its fight for every heartbeat.” 

Book a free collection for larger furniture and electrical items online or call 0800 915 3000 to arrange a collection for any items, from bags of clothes to three piece suites.

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