British Cardiovascular Society Conference 2014

23 June 2014        

BCS Conference 2014

This month cardiovascular researchers and healthcare professionals from around the UK attended the annual British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) Conference in Manchester.

The Conference is an important opportunity for members of the cardiovascular medical and research communities to interact and share best practice. The theme was ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and many sessions looked at the future of cardiovascular science and medicine.

Life-saving research

BCS President Dr Iain Simpson with BHF President Sir Rory CollinsResearchers we've funded at universities across the UK gave talks and presented. These related to work done at both the laboratory bench and the hospital bedside spanning a range of cardiovascular conditions. 

BHF Professor Sir Rory Collins (pictured with BCS President Dr Iain Simpson) was honoured with the BCS' prestigious Mackenze Medal for his outstanding contribution to British cardiology. Professor Collins is based at the University of Oxford and has been a leading figure in helping to make statins a commonplace medicine in the UK.

Professor Houman Ashrafian with BHF Professor Hugh WatkinsFellow Oxford researcher, Professor Houman Ashrafian (pictured with BHF Professor Hugh Watkins), was presented with the Michael Davies Early Career Award. This award is to honour researchers who have recently established themselves as independent investigators and who have made an outstanding contribution to cardiovascular science. We help fund Professor Ashrafian's research into inherited heart conditions. He works closely with BHF Professor Hugh Watkins who is a world-leader in this field.

Dr Ramzi KhamisDr Ramzi Khamis, based at Imperial College London, a BHF Centre of Research Excellence, won the Young Research Workers Prize. This honour recognises excellence among young researchers intending to pursue a career in cardiovascular clinical medicine or research. Dr Khamis' research centres on coronary heart disease and he is working to improve diagnosis and risk assessment of the condition.

Our healthcare professionals

BHF Health Care Professional Team of the YearWe also recognised the healthcare professionals we fund or support who have made an exceptional contribution to patient care. The awards, hosted by former MP and BHF Trustee Dr Evan Harris and presented by our Chief Executive Simon Gillespie, gave us an opportunity to recognise and thank the BHF Healthcare Professionals that have shown particular excellence in cardiovascular care over the past year. This year was also the first time we have delivered a programme for our healthcare professionals at the BCS conference.

Engaging the public

BHF Panel DiscussionWe held a panel discussion event for local people about how Manchester is leading the fight against heart disease. The panel consisted of our Associate Medical Director, Dr Mike Knapton; University of Manchester BHF Research Fellow and clinician, Dr Adam Greenstein; Paediatric Dietitian who leads a local Hearty Lives project, Sarah Vince-Cain; and the head of heart support group Salford Heart Care, Gordon Mckay.

The panel discussed key issues in heart health such as research funding, childhood obesity and the psychological impacts of having a heart condition after probing questions from the audience. 

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