Monitor blood pressure to reduce injuries from falling

25 February 2014        

Category: BHF Comment

Blood pressure test strap

Older people taking blood pressure medications are more likely to fall and seriously injure themselves, according to new research.

Scientists looked at health records of nearly 5,000 people with high blood pressure aged over 70. They found that people who were taking medication for their condition were more likely to experience a serious injury, such as hip fractures or dislocations, in a fall.

Our Senior Cardiac Nurse Julie Ward, said: “As we get older our blood pressure naturally gets higher and many of us will need to take medications to keep this under control. This is important in preventing cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes.

“We may also have other health conditions in our older years that can make us frailer and more at risk of having a fall – sometimes with serious consequences.

“This study shows that some blood pressure medications have side effects that make the risk of falls higher and it highlights the importance of close monitoring of elderly people who are taking these medications.”