Obesity may shorten your life expectancy

5 December 2014        

Person standing on a scale Being obese may shorten your life by eight years according to new research.

Using a computer model, scientists also calculated that an obese person would be deprived of 19 years of healthy life as a result of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Being overweight or obese is a recognised risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and a range of other health conditions. 

Our Senior Cardiac Nurse Maureen Talbot said: “The results of this study put the health consequences of being overweight into terms we can all understand. 

“The model also demonstrates that if you’re overweight at a younger age, the impact on your health is much greater. Both in life expectancy and in the years of life free from chronic diseases.

“It reinforces the importance of adopting heart healthy habits like keeping our weight down, eating healthily and being physically active, throughout our lives. 

“Have a chat with your GP if you’re overweight and worried what effect it is having on your health.”