BHF Scotland

British Heart Foundation, The Cube, 43a Leith Street, Edinburgh, UK, EH1 3AT
[email protected]
0131 555 5891

General enquiries
Tel: 0131 555 5891
Email: [email protected]
Please contact our Customer Service Centre for general enquiries or for information about fundraising or making a donation.

Media enquiries
Liz Monaghan
Tel: 0131 561 3351
Email: [email protected]

Clare Shaw (Mon and Tues)
Tel: 0131 561 3355
Email: [email protected]

Policy and advocacy, campaigning and influencing government
David McColgan
Tel: 0131 561 3352
Email: [email protected]

For enquiries or information about fundraising or making a donation, contact your local Fundraising Manager or our Customer Service Centre.
Tel: 0300 330 3322
Email: [email protected]

To arrange emergency life support training in your community or in schools.
Tel: 0131 554 6953
Email: [email protected]