Boost your donations by 25% with Gift Aid

Gift Aid adds 25% value to your donations; whether they're clothes, books, chairs or a sofa.

Sign up today! It only takes two minutes and costs you nothing.

Download our Gift Aid form

Every Gift Aider is a Lifesaver

By signing up to Gift Aid you will be helping fund more life saving research and providing extra care for people in your community and across the nation.

What is Gift Aid?

  • Gift Aid is a scheme run by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that means charities like The BHF can reclaim the tax on your donations at no extra cost to you.
  • This means all your donations will be worth 25% more. So if your donations sell for £10, we will actually receive £12.50.

Who can become a Gift Aider?

  • You must be a current UK taxpayer, but this is not limited to tax on earnings
  • You also qualify if you pay tax on a pension, savings, property sales or rental income. Council Tax and VAT will not qualify as income tax
  • You only need to have paid as much in tax as the BHF will reclaim on your donations
  • Make sure you're happy with our Gift Aid terms and conditions.

How do I become a Gift Aider?

  • Download our Gift Aid form at home, print it out, fill in your details and bring to your local shop
  • or fill in the form found in every BHF donation bag and place it at the very top of your filled bag
  • or take two minutes to join in any BHF shop.

We will never share your details with third parties.

What if i'm already a BHF Gift Aid donor?

  • If you are donating a BHF bag - write your donor ID number on the outside of the bag where indicated
  • or if you're using your own bag, use our Gift Aid labels. Download the Gift Aid labels, print it out, fill it in and attach one to each donation bag. Make sure it is near the top of the bag on the outside, so that our staff can easily see it
  • or if you're booking a furniture collection, enter you donor ID on our online form or let us know when we call you back to confirm your booking.

How much value has Gift Aid added to my donations? 

  • When your donations have sold we’ll write to you to let you know how much they have raised
  • If you are currently receiving letters about Gift Aid from us and would rather be contacted by email you can change you preferences at mygiftaid.