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New research shows statins safe for children with high cholesterol

16 January 2018

Research shows that children with high cholesterol caused by genetic conditions benefit from taking statins.

Scientists study early heart growth to help heart attack patients

11 January 2018

Scientists at the University of Cambridge are to study how the heart grows at its earliest moments in an effort to help heart attack patients.

Fewer women would die from heart attacks if given same treatments as men

8 January 2018

Research we've funded shows women have a higher excess mortality after a heart attack compared to men, and that women are less likely to receive life-saving treatments after a heart attack.

£630k research project to determine best treatment after a heart attack

4 January 2018

Nearly 20,000 people in Scotland will be included in a clinical trial to determine the best clot busting drug treatment for people after they have suffered a heart attack.

Scientists to explore how stem cells could heal heart attack damage

11 December 2017

Scientists at the University of Surrey are to investigate how stem cells could be used to repair the heart after it’s damaged by a heart attack.

Air pollution cancels out health benefits of exercise

6 December 2017

Benefits of exercise for older people may be outweighed by harm caused by pollution

Rise in patients on heart transplant waiting list

3 December 2017

The number of people on the waiting list for a new heart in the UK has risen by 162 per cent since 2008, with around 250 people now anxiously awaiting the life-saving operation first carried out in South Africa 50 years ago today.

UK rates of obesity among worst in Europe

28 November 2017

Rising obesity rates and uncontrolled cholesterol levels may cause resurgence in rates of heart attacks and strokes.

Exeter scientists to investigate obesity paradox

27 November 2017

Scientists at the University of Exeter are to explore why some overweight people are less likely to develop heart disease than others.

Blood vessel growth study to help fight heart disease

27 November 2017

Scientists at the University of East Anglia are studying the formation of blood vessels to help improve the treatment of heart attacks.