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Half of UK heart attack patients missing out on lifesaving aftercare

18 January 2018

Thousands of heart attack patients are missing out on cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, increasing their risk of suffering a fatal heart attack, according to new figures published today.

New research shows statins safe for children with high cholesterol

16 January 2018

Research shows that children with high cholesterol caused by genetic conditions benefit from taking statins.

Scientists study early heart growth to help heart attack patients

11 January 2018

Scientists at the University of Cambridge are to study how the heart grows at its earliest moments in an effort to help heart attack patients.

BHF and Tesco join forces in new healthy living partnership

9 January 2018

Three of the UK’s leading healthy charities have today come together with the UK’s leading food retailer to help tackle the UK’s biggest health challenges.

Exercise lowers risk of heart failure later in life, study suggests

8 January 2018

A new study published in Circulation suggests that middle-aged people should exercise to lower their risk of heart failure later in life.

Fewer women would die from heart attacks if given same treatments as men

8 January 2018

Research we've funded shows women have a higher excess mortality after a heart attack compared to men, and that women are less likely to receive life-saving treatments after a heart attack.

£630k research project to determine best treatment after a heart attack

4 January 2018

Nearly 20,000 people in Scotland will be included in a clinical trial to determine the best clot busting drug treatment for people after they have suffered a heart attack.