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BHF supports global coalition to beat heart and circulatory disease

18 October 2017

Through our membership of the European Heart Network we’re pledging to play a leading role in a global coalition to reduce the death and suffering caused by heart and circulatory disease worldwide.

One in five witness someone collapse who requires CPR but the majority do not act

16 October 2017

An estimated one in five adults in the UK witness someone collapse who needs immediate CPR, yet the majority of people do not act, according to new research funded by the British Heart Foundation which is being published to coincide with Restart a Heart Day.

Research suggests that the ‘survival effect’ is fuelling rise in A&E admissions

10 October 2017

A study published in Health Services Research suggests that because more people are surviving heart attacks and strokes, more people are visiting A&E departments.

High BMI and blood pressure create a heavy heart

4 October 2017

Being overweight or obese creates damaging changes to the structure of the heart, according to new research.

Government announces consultation on organ donation opt-out system

4 October 2017

The Prime Minister has announced her intention to launch a public consultation on a new opt-out system for organ donation in England.

Baby heart images could help reduce miscarriage

2 October 2017

Researchers at Leeds University have identified a key stage in the development of a baby's heart which they say could help them reduce the number of miscarriages

Rankin launches international art movement to support global fight against heart disease

29 September 2017

World renowned photographer Rankin has teamed up with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) this World Heart Day (29th September) to launch an international art project with creatives from around the world, to raise awareness of the global fight against heart disease.

Childrens hearts at risk from low awareness of Kawasaki disease

29 September 2017

BHF supports campaign to raise awareness of Kawasaki disease this World Heart Day

New BHF Funded test could help get you out of hospital more quickly

27 September 2017

A revolutionary new blood test for detecting a heart attack could speed up diagnosis, help patients get out of hospital more quickly, and save the NHS millions of pounds every year.

New estimates reveal heart death risk for people living with diabetes

25 September 2017

Nearly 240,000 people living with Type 2 diabetes are diagnosed with heart disease or stroke in England and Wales each year, according to new estimates.