Insurance for heart conditions

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Finding travel and life insurance can be difficult when you have a heart condition or are recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery.

We know how frustrating this can be, so we've compiled a list of sympathetic insurance companies that can help people who have a heart condition.

We don't work with or endorse any of the companies mentioned and we can't guarantee that they will be able to offer insurance to everyone - however, this may prove to be a good starting point.

How do I answer the medical questions for insurance quotes?

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The health declarations that insurance companies ask for are often very detailed, particularly about your past and present health conditions and medications.

It’s really important to declare all your past and present health conditions. If you leave out important information this could result in any claim made being refused.

It is a good idea to talk to your GP before purchasing an insurance policy as they will be able to help you answer the medical questions.

What if I can't find travel insurance?

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) may be able to help if you are finding it difficult to get travel insurance.

Will a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) cover my heart condition?

The EHIC can entitle UK citizens to free or reduced-cost medical treatment in many European countries. This can include treatment for problems caused by pre-existing heart conditions.

While it is important to have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when you're travelling in most European countries, it doesn't replace travel insurance so it's important to have both.

You can apply for an EHIC online on the NHS Choices website or through the Post Office. For a full list of the countries covered by an EHIC and more general information, contact the Department of Health.

You can also access oxygen supply services while you’re abroad through the EHIC. You will need to contact the Department of Health's Customer Service Centre on 020 7210 4850 to pre-book these treatments before going on holiday.

What if I want to go abroad for medical treatment or surgery?

An S2 form (previously called the E112) may give you the option of undergoing medical or surgical treatment in other EU countries. You can find more information on this from the Department of Health.

Getting life insurance

Most people with a pre-existing heart condition will be able to purchase life insurance, although the cost may be more expensive. You should shop around to get the best value life insurance.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have any complaints or think you have been treated unfairly as a result of a policy claim, the Financial Ombudsman Service is there to help you.

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