Diabetes in BSL

Having diabetes means your body can't keep control of all the sugar in your blood. 

It can happen because you are overweight, or you eat too much food that has a lot of sugar.  Having diabetes increases your risk of getting coronary heart disease and having a heart attack.

This British Sign Language (BSL) video will help you to think about the things you could do to help you have a healthy life and a healthy heart, such as knowing the implications of diabetes.

Some people are born with diabetes; this is known as type 1 diabetes. However, if you get diabetes when you are older, it's known as type 2 diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes, your doctor would usually give you tablets to control your blood sugar levels.

Some people may need to have injections of a type of hormone that helps to control their blood sugar levels.

If you don't look after yourself, diabetes can make you feel very ill. You should make sure that you have a healthy diet, that you are a healthy weight and that you take plenty of exercise.