How the cardiac physiotherapist can help you

The cardiac physiotherapist

Cardiac physiotherapist Paul Stern explains how his role can help people going through cardiac rehabilitation.

Paul Stern (pictured) is team leader at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust. He also offers specialist physiotherapist support, because patients often have other health issues alongside their heart condition.

“Sometimes people already have a goal, such as getting back to work,” he says. “If not, we help them set specific goals, perhaps walking to the shops to get the morning paper. That goal is recorded and all the staff on the programme know what we’re working towards.”

All the staff on the programme know what we’re working towards

The course includes open access to most of the gyms. “One exercise session a week isn’t really enough,” says Paul, “but most people can exercise in the venues at other times too as they all have a cardiac rehab instructor working there.” This also makes it easier to continue exercise sessions, which most participants choose to do.

Paul pays tribute to the BHF. “We are all members of the BHF Alliance (our free membership scheme for professionals who work with people affected by heart disease),” he says. “The support from the BHF has been fantastic with regard to training opportunities. A lot of the team has done specific training funded by the BHF, and it is hard to get that kind of funding from the NHS.”

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