Timeline: 10 years of the fight against smoking

The smoking ban of 2007 is one of a series of moves to discourage people from smoking. Read about 10 years of developments that have helped improve our health.  


Ten cigarettes progressing from full to a stub, left to right


April Smoking ban enacted in Wales and Northern Ireland.
July Ban rolled out in England.
August Government announces cigarette packets must carry picture warnings from 2008.
October Smoking age rises from 16 to 18.


February Report estimates that, without urgent action, global death toll from tobacco will exceed eight million a year by 2030.
October UK becomes the first EU nation to introduce picture health warnings on all tobacco packaging.




Scotland unveils a bill (passed a year later) banning cigarette vending machines, display of tobacco products in shops, and introducing tougher measures on shops selling to underage smokers.



YouGov poll for ASH shows that public support for the smoking ban continues to grow and that support among smokers has doubled since 2007.




Tobacco vending machines banned in England - those breaching ban face a £2,500 fine. BHF campaigners worked hard to achieve this to protect children from easy cigarette access. Bans start coming in across the UK.


Cigarette packets with health warnings




UK-wide public consultation on plain tobacco packaging is launched by the Westminster Government.




Report reveals more than 300 UK newborns die every year because mothers smoked while pregnant.
October UK medical journals announce they will no longer publish research funded by the tobacco industry. 


February European Tobacco Products Directive passed by the EU. From May 2016 picture warnings must cover 65 per cent of cigarette packaging; packs of less than 20 cigarettes no longer sold; flavoured cigarettes prohibited.


March MPs vote to introduce standardised cigarette packaging. Hundreds of BHF campaigners had asked MPs to support this.
October  It is illegal to smoke in cars with children in England and Wales (and Scotland from December).


January-March Northern Ireland consultation on banning smoking in cars with children present.
February Treating smokers' illnesses costs £1.1tn ($1.4tn) globally each year, warns the World Health Organization.

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