How to get running

Running for the BHF - How to get running

Want to take up running? Here are some tips to get started.

1. Warm up first 

Start with a walk and increase your pace slowly.

2. Start small

When you first take up running, you might just run for very short periods - even just five seconds with a walk either side, like Helen Doyle did when she was recovering from heart surgery. When you feel ready, increase the time you run for.

3. Cool down

Reduce your pace until you are walking again.

4. Stretch after each run

This will help prevent injuries and tight muscles.

5. Use running tools

NHS Couch to 5K is a useful running tool for beginners, featuring advice, training plans and a handy app. Visit the NHS Couch to 5k website or call NHS Change4Life on 0300 123 4567. 

6. Find someone to run with

Preferably, someone who’s at a similar level to you, at the Running Partners website. Parkrun organises free fun runs in parks across the UK. Visit the Parkrun website. To find a running club, visit the British Athletics website or call 0121 713 8400.

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