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Angela and Charlie - fundraising volunteers

Schools and In Memoriam volunteers Angela Green, her husband Charlie, and their family have been volunteering with us for over three decades.

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Inspired by a diagnosis 

The couple were inspired to get involved with us when their son James was born with a heart condition that meant he had to have lifesaving open-heart surgery at just five months old.

"Following my retirement ten years ago, I began to volunteering in my local BHF shop as often as I could. Working in the shop was great as you got to meet lots of other volunteers and be part of a team.

“I enjoyed doing this so much I wanted to do more, so I began doing sponsored events, collections and getting involved however I could in my spare time.

“Through my volunteering I found out about helping with school fundraising projects. I really wanted to do this as it fitted perfectly with my background as a Teaching Assistant. Finding my role as Schools Volunteer for the BHF helped to give me a focus on something after retiring, which can be really hard. I found I kept using my skills.

“My husband Charlie’s retirement was also the chance for him to get more involved, taking on the role of local In Memoriam Volunteer for the BHF."

Using your skills

"Both of us have found that our roles as volunteers fill a gap we may have had in our lives after retiring. We felt it would be a shame to let the skills we have built up during our careers go to waste and we wanted to use them as best we could to help other people.

“We try and do anything to help in the local area. We were involved in helping to organise a BHF Ball in October last year which raised in excess of £8,000 and we hope to do it again this year.

“If it hadn’t been for the research of the BHF we wouldn’t have seen our son grow up into the healthy man he is now. We are so grateful for that so we do all we can to give something back."

Feeling inspired?

If you have been inspired by Angela and Charlie's story and think you would like to volunteer with us, then find out the different ways you can help

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