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80% of out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in the home. Imagine being faced with the prospect of not knowing what to do if this happened to a member of your family. 

There is no better time than now to learn CPR. Know it and one day you could help save a life.

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Alex and his teachers


When Alex collapsed at school, his teachers carried out CPR to save his life.

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Joel, Sam, Ben and Rhodri

Joel, Sam, Ben and Rhodri

Sam, Ben and Rhodri saved their friend Joel's life by performing CPR when he had a cardiac arrest.

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Angus, Simon and Richard

Angus, Simon and Richard
Simon and Richard came across Angus, unconscious after a cardiac arrest. They helped to save his life by performing CPR.

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Hilary and Norman

Hilary and Norman
Hilary helped to save her partner Norman's life when he had a cardiac arrest in the night. She gave him CPR until help arrived.

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Samantha and her parents

Samantha and her parentsSamantha learnt CPR at swimming club and so was able to perform it on her mother when she had a cardiac arrest at home.

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Jadyn and his dad, Ghayan

Jadyn and Ghayan Dad Ghayan performed CPR on Jadyn, then six, when he had a cardiac arrest at home, due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

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Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Michael was on a stag do when the father of the bride had a cardiac arrest. He performed CPR after learning it at a Heartstart course.

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