Heartstart - CPR training courses

BHF nurse training young people in Heartstart life saving skills

Heartstart is our initiative to teach emergency life saving skills to the British public. By attending a course near you, you're helping us create a nation of life savers – where everyone knows how to save a life. 

What you’ll learn at a Heartstart course

We support over 1,700 Heartstart schemes which teach life saving skills in schools and in the community.

Individuals or groups can attend a two-hour training course and learn how to:

  • recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest
  • help  an unconscious person
  • perform CPR
  • help someone choking
  • respond to serious bleeding.

Please note that your Heartstart instructor is acting in a voluntary capacity, and that they may ask for a small voluntary contribution to cover the costs of venue hire, transportation of equipment and consumables. Please check and confirm this with the instructor before signing up for the course.


If you're unable to find a course near you, watch our CPR training videos for step-by-step instructions on how to deliver life saving skills in an emergency.

Information for existing Heartstart schemes

If you run an existing Heartstart scheme we have lots of resources and information to help you run your scheme.

Please note that the above resources are only available to affiliated Heartstart schemes.

New Heartstart schemes

Unfortunately, we’re no longer accepting applications to set up new Heartstart schemes.

If you’re interested in providing CPR training in schools, to community groups or to workplaces you can apply for or purchase our Call Push Rescue training kits.