CPR training for communities

CPR training courses for community groups

Less than 1 in 10 people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in the UK survives. With your help we can change that.

Join the nation of life savers and train your community in CPR.


Heartstart is a free, two-hour course that teaches CPR and other emergency life saving skills, including what to do if someone has chest pain, is choking, or is bleeding seriously. We have over 1500 Heartstart schemes across the UK, all run by volunteers. Find the one nearest you.

Find a Heartstart scheme

Please note that your Heartstart instructor is acting in a voluntary capacity, and that they may ask for a small voluntary contribution to cover the costs of venue hire, transportation of equipment and consumables. Please check and confirm this with the instructor before signing up for the course.

If you’re a community group in Scotland or in Greater Manchester

We have partnered with the fire and rescue services in Scotland and Greater Manchester to make sure life saving training can reach more local communities across the UK. 

Our Call Push Rescue kits are available at 356 fire stations across Scotland and 43 in Greater Manchester for your group to access and use. Simply contact your local community fire station to arrange a time to go to the station and use the training DVD and kit.

Call Push Rescue kits

You can arrange simple CPR training sessions using our innovative Call Push Rescue kits

The CPR training kit trains 10 people at a time and is reusable. No instructor is needed as all of the techniques are taught using the DVD included in the pack. All you need is a DVD player and a little space to practise in. Community groups can purchase these for £391 plus VAT.

Order your kit

Please note, we're no longer able to provide free kits to community groups.