CPR training kits

Call Push Rescue kit

We’re determined to increase cardiac arrest survival rates by creating a nation of life savers.

Our Call Push Rescue training kit provides all the specialist equipment needed to teach CPR.

The Call Push Rescue training kit will teach trainees how to recognise cardiac arrest and carry out CPR on adults and children.

It uses a film tutorial on a DVD to demonstrate CPR skills. Participants watch the film and practice the skills on portable manikins.

It also shows how public access defibrillators work and their role in the life saving process, so trainees are aware of their importance and are more confident to use one, if needed.

The CPR training kit covers

  1. How and when to perform CPR on an adult or child
  2. How to put someone in the recovery position
  3. How to use a public access defibrillator

Using your CPR kit

All you need to run a CPR training session is:

  • a device on which to play the training films
  • a screen and speakers so trainees can clearly see and hear the instructions
  • enough space for each participant to kneel on the floor with a manikin in front of them.

CPR kits for schools, communities and workplaces

The CPR training kit is free for eligible secondary schools.

Across Scotland and Greater Manchester community groups can access the kits that are available at regional fire and rescue services.

Kits are also available to community groups and workplaces for £391 plus VAT.

If you're an individual who wants to learn CPR you can attend a Heartstart course.