Reaching out to your community

Fundraisers holding heart sign

Engaging with groups, clubs and associations within your local community is a brilliant way of raising awareness of the BHF and increasing fundraising. 





It’s a good idea to find out a little bit about any local group, club or association you want to contact so that you're prepared before you approach them. That way you can tailor your approach and show that you understand them, their objectives and how you can work with them for mutual benefit.  

It's best to speak to your local Fundraising Manager before you make contact with any local groups, as they may already be in touch with the group and could introduce you or work alongside you in working with other local groups.

Local businesses

Lots of large companies now have a local fundraising initiative as part of their corporate social responsibility. As a local volunteer fundraising group for BHF you are well placed to apply for support from local business initiatives. Different companies have different ways of working with charities, so it's good to get in touch with them early to check what the application process is and when it takes place. They’ll often have a set application form for you to fill out and will be looking for clear messages as to what the charity does, the tangible results they can deliver and often the impact on the local community.
BHF Fundraising Groups have had lots of success with local stores of large retailers such as Sainsburys, Waitrose, John Lewis and M&S, but it’s worth having a look online to see who else you can contact in your local area.

Local social, networking and volunteering organisations

Local groups such as Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, Roundtable groups, Freemasons groups, Inner Wheel groups and Women's Institute groups are fantastic organisations to make contact with. They tend to fundraise themselves and divvy up their funds to charities at the end of the year, or will sometimes host an event for a specific charity. They also have a great community networks. Most exist for humanitarian causes and have fundraising as one of their main functions. Lots of these groups like people to come to their meetings to talk about their charity, which is a great opportunity to showcase the BHF and the wonderful things you do, and to meet the group personally. Search the following groups online, find your local club and make contact with them.

Faith groups

Perhaps some members of your group are involved in faith groups in your community who may like to raise funds or hold a special collection for the BHF. Again, if there’s a heart patient story within your group or local community (that you have permission to share) that can bring our work to life, then they may also be more keen to support.

Sports clubs

Lots of sports clubs hold fundraisers for charities or adopt a local charity for the year. So it’s always a good idea to get in touch with as many as you can to see if they might want to lend their support to the BHF. Start with those your group or their family and friends are members of and branch out!


Do you have links to local schools? Perhaps you have children or grandchildren who attend or friends who teach? Maybe you could contact your old school? It’s common for schools to fundraise for charities now and we have some fantastic fundraising activities specifically for schools that they can get involved in.