Walking and trekking training plans

8 Peaks walkers We know your challenge is going to be tough, so we have teamed up with Full Potential to offer you bespoke training plans to get you ready for your trek.

We are thrilled that you have signed up for a trek with us and we hope you’re looking forward to the big day! To help you prepare, we have teamed up with Full Potential who are a team of professional coaches and industry experts, to offer you bespoke training plans for your challenge. Full Potential has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve results. If you follow their plans then you will see improvements in your fitness whether you are a beginner or experienced walker. 

Start by reading the Trekking Training Manual which aims to cover your key trekking needs.

Full Potential have carefully devised beginners', intermediate and experienced 16-week training plans that will see you conquering those hills in no time. It’s important to choose the right plan for your current fitness level, so take a look below and download the relevant one for you. Your training starts now, good luck Heart Trekker! 


If this is your first long distance walk and you’ve got a base fitness level then the beginners’ 16 week training plan is for you. You will increase your walking time in 4 weeks to 2hr 45min and then you will gradually increase the time of your longest walk to 6hrs. If you then feel ready you could progress to the intermediate plan.


Intermediate level requires a good level of fitness and you will already be including exercise in your current fitness plan. This will help to limit the possibility of overuse injuries and keep you motivated. Your longest walk will increase to 6hrs 30mins.


If you are already have an excellent level of fitness and you walk regularly then this plan is for you. Your longest walk will increase to 7hrs with longer back to back walks. 

25k training plan

50k training plans

100k training plans