Triathlon and duathlon training schedules

A man running for the BHF

Our ten week training schedules will help kick-start the training you will need to complete your triathlon or duathlon challenge.

It's important to listen to your body and find a good balance between training, rest, work and play. Rest and recovery is just as important as training.

Your body needs to be given time to adjust so don’t do too much too soon. If you’re feeling tired you could try cross training, a pilates or a yoga session once or twice a week.

Remember to check what equipment you will need to get started.

Beginners' training schedules

These schedules will suit people who have no previous experience of participating in a duathlon or triathlon.

If you have not taken part in another cycling, running or swimming event you'll find it really beneficial to incorporate doing so in your training.

Intermediate training schedules

These schedules will be suitable for anyone who has already completed a duathlon or triathlon and are looking to improve either their technique or finishing time. Build up slowly and don't over do it!

Advanced training schedules

Not for the newbies out there, these training schedules are designed for the super experienced. These will suit those who have completed a number of duathlons or triathlons and are looking to push themselves further.

It's possible that for the lucky few who have completed their first duathlon or triathlon in a brilliant time and felt like they could push themselves harder; these training schedules may also be suitable.

Remember even the super fit and experienced should build up slowly.