Donate through your salary

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A hassle free way to give through your pay!

Payroll Giving, also known as Give As You Earn, is a simple way to make regular donations straight from your salary, without having to give any bank details. It is one of the most tax-effective ways of giving to charity as it comes out of your gross pay (before tax) so it will cost you at least 25% less.

How do I donate?

Setting up Payroll Giving is easy – just fill out our simple form and we’ll do the rest.

Click here for our sign up form

Every time you're paid, your Payroll Department will deduct the agreed amount from your salary and send it to us. There's nothing more for you to do.

Your donation will cost you even less, as it comes out of your gross salary (before tax). So if you agree to give £5, as a basic rate tax payer you’ll only pay £4 - the taxman makes up the remaining £1.



You Donate…

It costs a standard rate tax payer (20%)

It costs a higher rate tax payer (40%)










What are the benefits?

  • It’s simple: Sign up using one simple form.
  • Donor privacy: We don't ask for your bank details as the donation will come straight out of your salary.
  • Control: You can stop or change your donation at any time by contacting your payroll team.
  • Pay less to give more: It’s the only way to give that allows full tax relief on donations.


Your donation will help to fund life saving research to prevent, treat and cure heart and circulatory diseases, such as stroke, vascular dementia and heart attacks. Thank you for helping us beat heartbreak forever!

For more information about Payroll Giving please email: [email protected] or call our customer care service on: 0300 330 3322