A BHF nurse teaching how to do CPR

Heartstart courses teach you CPR and other emergency lifesaving skills and they are free to attend.

There are over 3,800 Heartstart schemes across the UK supported by the BHF.

Two hours for life

A Heartstart course lasts around two hours. On the course you'll learn about:

  • dealing with an unconscious person
  • the signs and symptoms of a heart attack
  • recognising a cardiac arrest and performing CPR
  • dealing with choking
  • dealing with serious bleeding.

You can attend a course as an individual or group.

Contact your nearest Heartstart course to book your place, or to volunteer as an instructor.

If you are currently a BHF Heartstart scheme you need to re-affiliate your scheme on the BHF system to ensure we are able to continue support for you.

Please send an email with your up to date contact details (name of scheme, email address and telephone contact number) to [email protected] or ring 020 7554 0376 for help.

We set up Heartstart in 1996. To date over 3.5 million people have attended a Heartstart course.

Heartstart courses differ from our Call Push Rescue training (where you watch and learn using an educational film) because the training is delivered by an accredited instructor.

We are no longer accepting applications to set up new Heartstart schemes but we will continue to support current schemes. If you would like to introduce CPR training in your community see our Call Push Rescue training programme.