Heartstart - CPR training courses

A BHF nurse teaching how to do CPR

We’re determined to transform the UK into a Nation of Lifesavers: a country where everyone knows how to save a life.

Find a CPR training course near you

There are over 1,700 Heartstart schemes across the UK supported by the BHF where individuals or groups can attend a two-hour training course and learn how to:

  • deal with an unconscious person
  • recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest
  • perform CPR
  • deal with choking
  • respond to serious bleeding.

Ongoing Heartstart schemes

Existing Heartstart schemes should re-affiliate with the BHF to access support. Email the name of your scheme, email address and contact number to [email protected] or phone 020 7554 0376 for help.

To become an instructor or volunteer for an existing scheme, contact your nearest one.

New Heartstart schemes

We’re no longer accepting applications to set up new Heartstart schemes.

Eligible secondary schools interested in providing CPR should apply for Call Push Rescue training kits.