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Meet our superstar - Sarah Salami

We put Sarah in the spotlight because, when her father collapsed at home, she carried out CPR to save his life. Watch the touching video or read her story in her own words below.

"It was just an ordinary lesson. I wasn’t even really paying much attention. Until Miss Mottershead, our head of Year 9, said to us, this is important, you all need to listen because one day this could really matter.

"So when she said that, I started to listen. I thought, OK I need to learn this and I started concentrating and trying to take it in. Miss Mottershead was teaching us how to do CPR on someone when they stop breathing, and when their heart stops beating. She's a community first responder and she’s been first on the scene and done CPR about 11 times!

"The British Heart Foundation had given us some manikins we could practise on. You know you are doing it right when you push hard on the chest and hear a click. It was hard work, and my arms ached, but I could hear the clicking on the manikin.

"I had no idea in that lesson that just two weeks later my dad would have a cardiac arrest at home and I would have to jump into action to help save my dad’s life. Dad had been feeling chest pains the night before. I wanted him to go to A&E, but he is a stubborn man and he started to say, no it’s getting better.

If not for that lesson I wouldn’t still have my dad

"He wasn’t feeling well the next morning. We were all getting ready to go to church and my mum went to the bathroom to freshen up. She said, come and sit with your dad while I’m in there.

"I sat beside him on the bed, and then he just collapsed. He fell to the floor and hit his head on the bedside table. I shouted, Mum, Mum, come quickly, Dad has collapsed.

"Mum dropped everything and she ran. But she was panicking and all I remember is her screaming. Dad was on the floor. I turned him over. He was really heavy. I checked his pulse, as we had been taught, and I started CPR.

"I dialled 999, and I cradled the phoned between my ear and my shoulder. My arms were aching. I was sweating. But I kept on doing CPR. I told my mum she had to calm down and do the rescue breaths. I said, I don’t want Dad to die.

"When the ambulance arrived I thought, oh my gosh, finally. They said they were so proud of me for what I had done. Some people, especially family members, have said I didn’t know you were that strong. I didn’t know myself that I could do something like that. I kept my tears until afterwards.

"Dad is recovering in hospital; I go to see him every day. Dad is a funny, loveable person. He is very happy. He’s the person in the street who always says hello and waves to everyone.

"I’m just looking forward to having back the normal dad we’ve always had. I’ve since found out that the British Heart Foundation is trying to get every school child in the country to learn CPR.

"That lesson has had a massive impact on our family’s life. If not for that lesson I wouldn’t still have my dad."

Did you know?

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving. Help us change that.