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Flora Pro active and the BHF logo - raising awareness of heart disease amongst women It’s a surprising fact for most women that heart disease is the biggest killer of women in the UK. It kills nearly three times more women than breast cancer. 

Worryingly, many women don’t realise heart disease could happen to them.

Two years ago we launched the Love your Heart campaign with Flora Pro-activ, to help raise awareness of heart disease amongst women and to get more women talking about how they can help reduce their risk by making simple lifestyle changes such as lowering cholesterol through diet.

The campaign helped us reach and educate women across the UK through a variety of communications including press and television advertising, news coverage, social media and through special packs of Flora Pro-activ.

Our partnership made a huge impact in inspiring women to take steps to improve their heart health. 22% of women surveyed who saw the Love your heart TV ad were more likely to find out more about their cholesterol and 14% were more likely to find out about their general heart health.

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As part of our partnership, Flora Pro-activ also donated an incredible £750,000 to fund research to help prevent more people’s lives being devastated by heart disease.

Coleen's story

Far from being the end of Coleen Gill’s life, her heart attack marked a new beginning, prompting her to retrain as a fitness class instructor and make changes to her diet. See how Coleen's turned her life around after that life changing moment.

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