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Formatting and structure

Start with a brief outline of what your business case is about – this is called the executive summary. The executive summary should be short, concise and get straight to the key points in order to grab your readers’ attention – you can fill in the details later.

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10 top points to include:

  1. What the business case is for – e.g. equipment, staffing or resources, with costings
  2. A brief review of the current service and how it works
  3. A short summary of any previous redesign work
  4. Why your proposal needs to be implemented
  5. How your business case meets national and local strategic priorities and targets
  6. Any pilot scheme data that supports your bid
  7. Various options to consider
  8. How it will be evaluated and its success measured
  9. Implications to the service if the bid is unsuccessful
  10. An exit strategy if it’s for short-term funding

Don’t forget acknowledgements to those who helped to develop your business case, and support received from individuals, departments and managers within your organisation.

Business case template

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